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Apollo is partnered with the Double Negative Media Group. Apollo for Discord is vested by and operated by DNMG.

User reporting and banning, built-in

Apollo offers built-in user reporting and global ban notices. No more relying on bot logs or the audit log. Apollo can track user punishments on the fly.

Automatic punishment logging

(Coming Soon...)

Apollo keeps track of punishments made on the Discord Client. So when you login next you'll be able to log them with ease, including the option to globally report or ban a user.

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Apollo is made possible by these great people!

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Frequently Asked Question

Apollo uses crowdsourced data to build reports and bans notices on users. We also pull from the Discord API for basic user identification.

Anyone with a Discord account with a verified email address can submit a report on a user. The report then gets sent to our team for review to ensure its validity and determine if it meats out policy. If the report passes, it will be approved and attached to the reported user's profile in Apollo.

Bans act as a notice to server owners and administrators, when you submit a ban notice the notice goes through the same review as basic reports. Once the ban notice/report is approved by our team, it goes through a notification process. We notify any server owner/admin that the banned user is a member of and we attach the ban notice/report to the users' Apollo profile.

Yes, however in most cases bans are final and discretion is up to the server owner/admin. However, reports made by the community may be appealed via the profile page in Apollo. NOTICE: Bans from the Apollo platform itself are final and may not be appealed.

There are two types of badges, system-generated badges (server owner, admin, verified user, etc...), and vanity badges. System-generated badges are applied to a user automatically and cannot be requested. Vanity badges may be requested in our Discord server, however, these badges are only handed out periodically and with the right justification for the badge addition.

Nothing! Apollo is free to use for everyone including server owners and administrators. But if you're feeling generous, we do have a Patreon.

Short answer, no as Discords API does not allow this. However, this is a feature that is being discussed and could be seen in the future. We at Apollo believe in the right to privacy for all, so we want to ensure username searching does not invade user's privacy, or lead to misuse.

Yes, each report/ban is logged with who made the report. We do this to ensure reports are legitimate and to hold the reporters accountable for making false reports.